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DarkMatter: Subspace SE
DarkMatter: Subspace SE

The Skins Factory Presents the remarkably shiny, scratch-resistant, brand new DarkMatter: Subspace Special Edition Alloy Audio Remote for Windows Media Player 11 and iTunes. A free companion to our mega-popular Windows XP desktop theme - the DarkMatter: Subspace Hypersuite.

From the moment this ultra-animated widget materializes onto your Windows desktop, you'll understand why we love our jobs so much. We've included a special plasma visualization, a reversible transport mid-plate which houses special functions on the back and other cool features. By default, the widget is set for Windows Media Player 11. To use the iTunes functionality, simply right-click in the widget and go to Preferences.

If you enjoy this, you're going to love the DarkMatter: Subspace Hypersuite. Once you try a Hyperdesk Windows XP desktop theme, you'll never look at Windows XP the same again.

You will need to download the free application, Yahoo! Widgets to use the hyper-animated audio remote. Download here.

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